Detachable Glycerin Coil and Ash Catcher bong

Detachable Glycerin Coil and Ash Catcher bong


$90.00 $50.00


Buy Detachable Glycerin Bong

Buy Detachable Glycerin Bong, This High Tech x “DNA” Collab with Detachable Glycerin Coil and Ash Catcher is a functional glass water pipe. Made by Illadelph, this water pipe comes to you from scenic Philadelphia Pennsylvania. This water pipe is sleek and splendid. Delicately created – this is soon to be the most revered pipe in your collection.

As well, this beauty is towering at 20 inches.

What a special heady piece! This unusual water pipe will be something to treasure.

Joint Size:

18.8mm Female Joint

Height  of  Detachable Glycerin Coil and Ash Catcher Bong :

20 inches

Handblown in of  Detachable Glycerin Coil and Ash Catcher Bong :

Philadelphia PA

Unique One of a is a unique heady piece, we only have one available (pictured) and will not be able to restock a design exactly like this. Snatch it up and own a truly unique piece!


  • 360
  • Beaker Base
  • Branded Glass
  • Collaboration
  • Colored Glass
  • Diffused Downstem
  • Made for Dry Herbs
  • Male Bowl
  • Male Flower Slide
  • Detachable Neck
  • Male Bowl
  • 2 Piece Grinder
  • Removable Downstem
  • Straight Neck
  • Thick Glass
  • Unique One of a Kind
  • Worked Glass.
  • An ash catcher is a water filtration device which works almost identically to a bong. In an ash catcher, a series of glass tubes draw smoke from a bowl and pass it through a chamber filled with water.

    Attaching to a front of a bong, an ash catcher (also sometimes referred to as a pre-cooler) acts as a sort of “bong within a bong.”

    By performing a step of water filtration before the smoke enters your bong proper, the ash catcher effectively removes any ash, particulates, and most of the tar and resin that would otherwise accumulate in your bong.

    The result of adding this extra filtration? A smoother hit and a cleaner bong.

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