Evod Twist

Evod Twist


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buy evod twist online, The eVod Twist II 1600 mAh is an excellent looking variable voltage battery.  It has a durable simple to peruse turning dial at the base that enables you to alter your voltage from 3.3v to 4.8v with markings at 0.1 additions to tweak your voltage even more.  The higher you modify the voltage the more the vapor.

The eVod Twist II has a smooth plan with the treated steel catch flush with the body and a finished vibe towards the top.buy evod twist online.  The base and top equipment is a chrome plated metal.

eVod Twist II 1600 Battery Specs

Variable voltage:  3.3v-4.8v

Battery capacity:  1600 mAh

Battery life per charge:  at least 16 hours

Charge time:  3-4 hours (for completely depleted battery)

Length:  4 7/8 in.

Diameter:  16.5mm

Elements of the Battery

5-Click Lock/Unlock Function – Click the catch quickly multiple times straight to turn the battery on or off.  Power catch will streak 3 times.  Press once more, if power catch doesn’t illuminate it is turned off.  If power catch lights up it is on.  Turning off the battery when not being used will avert accidental use in pockets, and so forth.

Security Cutoff/Atomizer Protection – When the battery is on, if the power catch is squeezed constantly for over 12 seconds the power button flashes multiple times and afterward powers off. Discharge the power catch and afterward press again to keep vaping.

Short out Protection – If a short out occurs, the battery will close down and not work again until short out is expelled (e.g., terrible atomizer appended).

Low voltage security – when voltage goes underneath 3.2v the battery will close off and when you push the power button it will streak multiple times to show it should be charged.

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