Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters


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buy heavy hitters cartridge

buy heavy hitters cartridge, Substantial Hitters Vape Cartridges are infamous for their 2.2-gram size cartridge and solid distillate oil.

No other prefilled truck brand has a similar size truck or anything near it.

Substantial Hitters has an incredible choice of strain and terpene mixes accessible as well.

It doesn’t take in excess of a solitary puff to begin feeling the solid impacts of the hash oil.

Shockingly, this is another prefilled hash oil cartridge that has a few issues with pesticides.

The trademark for this cannabis concentrate cartridge brand is, “a pioneers partner.”

I am exceptionally dynamic in the celebrations and rave scene at the present time and have gone with a 2.2g cartridge from Heavy Hitters.

It grabbed the eye of everybody around me in view of its length and individuals in a split second floated towards it.

Accessible Strains for

Cherry Pie

Maui Wowie


Diablo OG


Granddaddy Purple

Grape Ape

Malibu OG

Aurora Borealis

Purple Punch

Blue Dream

Jack Herer

Harsh Diesel

Young lady Scout Cookies

Strawberry Cough

Substantial Hitters OG


Pineapple Express

Skywalker OG


Dusk Sherbet

Wedding Cake.

The Heavy Hitters vape cartridge brand has recently released a new disposable prefilled cart. This new all in one disposable vape pen holds 300mg of cannabis oil. This is also the same direction that other prefilled vape cartridges started going, and that’s selling lower than a half gram amount of their cannabis oil. Heavy Hitters also recently released their THC oil inside of one gram Pax Era pods. My only complaint is that the glass is too thin and easily breaks when accidentally drop it.



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