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Buy Exotic Carts Online, Through some research, we found some actual flavors that aren’t counterfeits which we will list a few below (there are about 12 flavors out there)Exotic Carts Online.

  • Gelato
  • Mars OG
  • Skittles
  • Grape Pie
  • Wedding Cake
  • Gorilla Glue
  • GSC
  • Cookies & CreamExotic carts take the cake for being one of the cheaper carts to buy from $15 for a gram in So Cal and more expensive going towards the east coast $25-60 a gram. Usually, a full gram ranges from $25-65 depending on which state you live and the seller. While the price for exotic carts seems amazing the trade in would be the low quality, some pesticides, and the uncertainty of what chemicals you may be inhaling. If you have the money it’s better to stick with more trustable cartridge companies than risk your health to save a couple bucks.
  • There is nothing one of a kind about the worked of the truck, it’s a common plan that resembles Supreme and Mario Carts. This normal extraordinary truck makes an issue when your oil is low in light of the fact that the base area of the truck is thick and its thickness makes it difficult for you to utilize all the oil. Another issue that appears to happen with low oil in these cartridges is the expansion in brutality of each hit which isn’t from the quality of the THC. In any case, the shade of the trucks is the thing that gets individuals’ eyes since its brilliant gold/light yellow. On the off chance that you like trucks that are sharp in shading this is a truck to consider however adjacent to the shading, there is nothing to great about it.

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