Sour Tangie – Brass Knuckles

Sour Tangie – Brass Knuckles


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Sour Tangie Brass Knuckles

Tangie is most common on the West Coast, Arizona, and Colorado yet you may discover clones in different territories.

Seeds are accessible from DNA Genetics, Tangie’s reproducer, in customary photoperiod and autoflowering.

The plants will develop tall, truly seeking after stature until the fifth week.

At the point when the blooms show up, anticipate resinous buds with a unique fragrance of tangerines.

In view of its stature needs and different contemplations, the reproducer suggests developing Tangie outside and you will have overly resinous herb on your hands in late September or early October.

Utilize the SCROG technique for developing and additionally generously top the plants to make a ragged shape that produces better.

In the event that you are developing inside, use soil and not hydroponics.

Another approach to develop this strain, Sour Tangie Brass Knuckles, as certain producers in California may be, is to utilize veganic development.

This procedure dispenses with supplements produced using creature side-effects.

Supplements got from plants leave no buildup in the dirt, permitting the cannabis plant to nourish from the dirt all the more normally and wind up tasting better and delivering more.

You can likewise include microbial innoculants (organisms) to improve plant wellbeing.

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